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Whether you already know exactly which assessment you need, or are simply looking for advice, our friendly team is available 7 days a week on 020 8158 6650 to offer a suitable appointment with an experienced clinician.

Appointments can also be booked online through our website 24/7 using our simple online booking service: Book online now.

Appointment Type Adult Fee Child Fee
ADHD Assessment (click to learn more) £785 £945
Autism Assessment (click to learn more) £685 £1,370
General Psychiatric Assessment (1.5h) £565 £665
ADHD Medication Review (click to learn more) £485 £665
Follow-up Appointment (30m) From £195 to £245 £245
Repeat Prescription Admin Fee £45
Shared Care Agreements Free of charge
Psychological Therapy £125

The experienced clinicians that we work with offer a range of assessments for many mental health conditions.

You will receive a bespoke service, built around your exact needs. While the above fees guide will apply to most people in most cases, the bespoke nature of the service means that each patient’s needs are different and on some occasions different or multiple appointment types may be recommended.

Adult ADHD assessments

When you book an adult ADHD assessment process through Harley Psychiatrists, you will experience a thorough assessment tailored towards your individual needs. These assessments are normally carried out over 3 hours of appointment time, and are split into four parts:

  • You will complete a series of questionnaires and rating scales, all of which can be answered through your phone or computer.
  • Your initial ‘part 1’ meeting with a specialist clinician (normally an Associate Specialist in Psychiatry or a Psychologist) will guide you through the highly respected ‘gold standard’ DIVA-5 assessment.
  • Your ‘part 2’ diagnostic assessment will then be carried out by an expert Consultant Psychiatrist with extensive NHS assessment experience. The psychiatrist will aim to conclude a decision on both diagnosis and treatment during this appointment, wherever possible.
  • You will return for a ‘part 3’ session with a specialist psychologist, focusing around both your ADHD-related difficulties and any other issues that you wish to seek help with. This appointment offers an introduction to the most up-to-date ADHD treatment methods by demonstrating how psychological therapy can be of great benefit, either along-side or as an alternative to medical treatment.

Adult autism assessments

Autism assessments are carried out by fully qualified Consultant Psychiatrists with many years of NHS assessment experience.

Prior to the assessment appointment, we you will complete a series of questionnaires and rating scales, all of which can be answered through your phone or computer.

The diagnostic assessment is 1.5 hours in length. During this appointment, the Consultant Psychiatrist will aim to reach a conclusion on your diagnosis and feed back to you regarding any recommendations they may have. You can discuss the results and receive advice about the next steps in your journey.

Where desired, you may wish to book an additional brief feedback session (this carries additional fees) where you can discuss various aspects in more detail or raise any further questions that you may have.

General psychiatric assessments

Psychiatric assessments are carried out by Consultant Psychiatrists with many years of NHS experience. While no two appointments and no two patients are ever the same, many general assessments involve:

  • A detailed discussion with the psychiatrist around your history and symptoms, in order to gain an understanding of your expectations and goals for treatment.
  • Your psychiatrist will work towards reaching a diagnosis, or possibly a confirmation of a previous diagnosis, during the initial assessment.
  • A treatment plan will be discussed and recommended where applicable. This may include a script, a referral to a specialist such as a clinical psychologist and/or further follow-up appointments.
Whichever specific path your assessment takes, by the end of the appointment you should have a much clearer understanding of the best course of action to take.

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