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At Harley Psychiatrists, the whole team at our Harley Street consulting rooms is passionate about connecting you with the most suitable mental health expert for your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for a new assessment to get a diagnosis, or you already have a diagnosis and need to continue treatment, we’re able to help.

At our modern and prestigious clinic in Harley Street, our private psychiatrists can assess and treat the widest range of mental health conditions. If you need to book an appointment, or simply want to find out our fees for any service you may require, give our friendly team a call on 020 8158 6650 and we’ll be happy to help.

To access our fees and availability and to book an appointment, please follow the link below and begin the booking process:


Dr Elena Maritan
Consultant Psychiatrist
General Psychiatry
Autism Spectrum

You will first attend an initial appointment for a psychiatric assessment, where your Consultant Psychiatrist will seek to understand more about your individual profile of need. No two experiences of a mental health difficulty are exactly the same. Your Psychiatrist will work with you to develop and tailor a treatment programme that is highly suited to your needs. They can help you to access a wide range of resources.

Your Psychiatrist will explore your profile of symptoms, the impact they have upon your life, relationships and well-being. They will take into consideration your physical health and family history. It is important to share with your Psychiatrist what you have tried in managing your symptoms and help them to have as full a picture as possible.

For many people, taking the first step in accessing private mental health care can be the most daunting and they may ask “is it worth going for a private psychiatric assessment in Harley Street, or should I just visit an NHS psychiatrist near me? The clinicians we work with are true experts, among the best in their field and will guide you through all aspects of your care. Take the first step on your pathway to better psychological and emotional well-being today.


Please visit our psychiatrist appointment fees page for more information on our fees. We offer a bespoke service at our Harley Street clinic and if you’d like to learn about specific fees for a psychiatric assessment which suits your needs and availability, please contact our team on 020 8158 6650 or alternatively you can book a psychiatrist appointment online


No GP referral needed
Give our friendly team a call on 020 8158 6650 and we’ll help you arrange your appointment with complete discretion and professionalism.

A Psychiatrist is a medically qualified doctor who has undergone further specialist training in the assessment, identification, treatment and prevention of mental health difficulties. Psychiatrists examine how the mind and the body impact upon one another.

Private Psychiatrists primarily advise on and write scripts for treatment as well as some therapies (e.g. psychotherapy). They may refer patients to other NHS or private mental health professionals for a wide range of psychological therapies. A Psychiatrist is different to a Psychologist whose primary focus is the use of psychological and behavioural intervention.

Harley Psychiatrists can connect you with experienced and qualified experts providing psychiatric help with a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, substance misuse, ADHD, OCD, mood disorders, sleep disorders, depression and personality disorders.

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