Transferring your care

At Harley Psychiatrists, we understand that your mental health journey is unique, and sometimes circumstances change that require you to seek care from a new provider. Whether you received your diagnosis and treatment at an independent provider or through the NHS we’re here to seamlessly guide you through the process of transferring your care to one of the experienced team of consultant psychiatrists working with Harley Psychiatrists.

Changing your psychiatrist

Your mental health and well-being are our top priorities. Whether you are transferring from an independent clinic, seeking a new assessment, or looking for ongoing support, our dedicated admin team is here to provide the advice you need and help you get booked in with a suitable psychiatrist.

There are several reasons why you might consider moving your care to a new psychiatrist:



If your existing provider has limited availability, you may wish to change. We strive to provide timely and convenient appointments to accommodate your needs.


The clinicians that you can access through Harley Psychiatrists are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care. We can organise appointments to address a wide range of mental health concerns and treatment needs.


We offer a streamlined process for transferring your care, ensuring that you receive the necessary treatment without unnecessary delays or duplications.

Transferring Your Care: Step-by-Step

  1. Contact Us: If you are interested in transferring your care to a new psychiatrist, the first step is to get in touch with our friendly admin staff. You can reach us by phone or through our online contact form.
  2. Provide Previous Diagnosis Report: To expedite the process, we ask you to provide us with a written report from your previous psychiatrist. This report typically contains information about your diagnosis and treatment plan. If you do not have immediate access to this report, there is no need to worry – our team can guide you through alternative options.
  3. Schedule a Medication Review Appointment: Once we have the necessary information, we will schedule a 1-hour medication review appointment with your new psychiatrist. During this appointment, your psychiatrist will review your previous diagnosis and treatment plan to ensure a smooth continuation of care.
  4. Continuation of Treatment: After the medication review appointment, you will seamlessly transition into a regular schedule of follow-up appointments. This allows the psychiatrist to monitor your progress, make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, and provide ongoing support for your mental health.
  5. Shared Care Agreement: As soon as possible, the psychiatrist will seek to enter into a shared care agreement with your NHS GP. While not all GPs are in a position to accept these, the majority do cooperate – we would strongly encourage you to speak to your GP as early as possible about your treatment, and to discuss the possibility of shared care. If your GP is able to accept the agreement, you would continue to see your independent psychiatrist, but prescriptions will be written by your GP through the NHS – this helps you to avoid private medication costs at the pharmacy.

What If a Medication Review Appointment Isn’t Possible?

We understand that obtaining a written report from your previous psychiatrist may not always be feasible. In such cases, we still welcome you to contact us. Our admin team will book you in for a quick re-assessment to gather the necessary information and ensure that your treatment journey continues smoothly.


While each patient is unique, it can be useful to listen to the feedback of other people who have been through similar experiences. The testimonials below are a small selection from several patients who very kindly agreed to feature in this section (certain personal details have been removed).

I am incredibly grateful for the autism assessment with Dr Maritan, as it led to a life-changing discovery. While I initially expected to be diagnosed with autism, the doctor went above and beyond in her evaluation and identified that I had bipolar disorder. Her expertise and attention to detail allowed for an accurate diagnosis, which was pivotal for me. The whole team’s compassionate support and personalised advice have guided me towards effective treatments and strategies. Although the result was unexpected, it ultimately set me on the right path. I highly recommend that anyone seeking clarity and support gives it a shot, as it can genuinely make a difference.
Before my assessment, the only help I ever managed to get was a prescription for antidepressants. I think my GP did want to help, but they told me they’ve had patients on waiting lists for over 2 years and now with Covid it’s even worse. It was a lot of money, but the assessment with Harley Psychiatrists led to an autism diagnosis that changed everything. I have finally started therapy that’s actually tailored to my needs, and I am learning to stop blaming myself for “not trying hard enough”. The clinic’s understanding and guidance have empowered me to embrace my strengths and manage my challenges effectively. I highly recommend their assessments to anyone seeking the right support and understanding.
The assessment at Harley Psychiatrists was done at a complete low point in my life, and to be honest I didn’t think it would change anything. I was so wrong and I’m so glad my parents talked me into it. Dr Nigel did diagnose me with Asperger’s but also asked me to come back for an ADHD assessment too, and it turns out I have both. With Dr Nigel’s support, I started treatment for ADHD, and it has made a big positive difference in my life. I got a shared care agreement so I get prescriptions from my GP and the whole process has made me feel like a different person.


A quick call to our friendly and professional team could lead to life-changing results.
We can connect you with experts who will listen, support, and guide you through the process, helping you understand your strengths, challenges, and needs.
By reaching out, you will open doors to tailored support and interventions that can make a positive difference.

Transferring your psychiatric treatment

Ready to take the next step in your mental health journey with us? Contact us today to discuss transferring your care or to learn more about our services. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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