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ADHD is a behavioural disorder characterised by a combination of difficulties with inattentiveness, restlessness and impulsivity. Many people experience these kind of difficulties to some degree but for individuals with ADHD the symptoms tend to have a big impact on day to day life and relationships. It can also impact on self-esteem, personal well-being, relationships with others and work performance.

Signs of ADHD can include:

  • Difficulty focusing on or paying attention to tasks
  • Struggling to manage time effectively
  • Mood swings or difficulties managing feelings such as anger or frustration
  • Easily distracted or unable to concentrate
  • Impulsiveness
  • Difficulties with organisation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Anxiety

Symptoms of ADHD start in childhood with difficulties persisting into adulthood, although their presentation may be change over time. For some, ADHD is not identified or diagnosed until later life. ADHD can affect both males and females.

ADHD can co-exist with a range of other difficulties. It is important therefore to work closely with your mental health care provider to identify how your treatment should be best targeted.


Reaching out for help can be difficult but when the difficulties associated with ADHD are impacting on your day to day life, it can be helpful to seek the help of a highly trained mental health professional for accurate ADHD testing.

There is no single test, screening tool or ADHD assessment for identifying the condition. Instead, your psychiatrist will undertake a full ADHD assessment including information about your physical health, family history, description and impact of symptoms and any previous child or adult ADHD diagnosis or treatment approaches. Your Psychiatrist may use an evaluation tool or rating scale to aid this assessment but is unlikely to rely on this alone. It is important that consideration be given to any co-existing difficulties (e.g. anxiety, mood disorder) so that support can be prioritised and best targeted.

Following the ADHD Assessment and diagnosis, your Psychiatrist will consider your individual profile of need and symptom management when devising a treatment plan that is completely personalised to you. Although ADHD cannot be ‘cured’, with support it is possible to lessen the impact of many of the associated symptoms.

Possible treatment routes include psychiatric treatment to target specific symptoms, psychological intervention (e.g. CBT) and lifestyle adaptations. A combination of these is usually most effective and your Psychiatrist will tailor a treatment plan specifically to your individual presentation. Your Psychiatrist may refer you on for further support for example to a psychologist or therapist.


The exact cause of ADHD is still unknown however research is suggesting several possible factors. For example, ADHD often runs in families and research suggests there may be a genetic or hereditary factor involved.

Other research has suggested brain differences or environmental influences during early development may be implicated.

There is much still to be understood about the origins of ADHD and its associated symptoms.

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